RTL not work properly

I can’t load my application to RTL, RTL show me “Wait” and then nothing to happen. I can’t start context menu to run debug bridge. If i close window, sometimes i can restart my device, bit sometimes device dropped and tokens gone.

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RTL may not connect if there is a bad connection speed. Make sure you are connecting to the closest RTL site not one across the world.

Make sure you have all the requirements

  • A Samsung Developers account (https://developer.samsung.com)
  • Java Runtime Environment* 7 or later with Java Web Start.
  • Internet environment where port 2600 is available.
    And using Google Chrome browser for a web client.

Samsung Developer Relations

Changing browser from firefox to chrome solve problem with loading app. But context menu for remote connect still can’t be called. Some devices work, but some download jnlp file and do not start. So how i can turn context menu for remote bridge with Android studio as described in documentation?

From what I’ve heard this is often because the previous tester crashed the mobile and it needed to be reset but it could be something different. This needs to be handled by the RTL team, they have been very responsive in the past so reach out to them. So I’m very confident you will be satisfied.

When you contact them give them all the information you can think of including the time and device that you had an issue with.
You can open a support request if you want to send any screen shots or at the bottom of the RTL Home page is send feedback where you can contact them.

Samsung Developer Relations