Unable to connect Remote Debug Bridge for Android 11 Remote Test Lab devices


I’m trying to debug a crash issue that appeared with the latest Android 11 update on Samsung devices using the Remote Test Lab service, but when I use any device with Android 11, I’m never able to get the adb connection working.

In Android 11 (using various Remote Test Lab devices), I do

  • Test/Remote Debug Bridge
  • adb connect localhost:xxxxx
    failed to connect to localhost:xxxxx (device shows as offline)
  • I never get a prompt on the device to “trust” the connection

When I use a Android 9 or 10 Remote Test Lab device with the same steps, everything works (and I get the prompt on the device, which I confirm).

Is there a problem with Android 11 and the Remote Debug Bridge?

Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
Version 30.0.5-6877874


This could be a bug. You can report here, https://developer.samsung.com/dashboard/support

Thank you for that suggestion. I’ve opened a support request.