Samsung Remote Test Lab Problem with connecting

Someone will tell me if it is possible to connect to Samsung Remote Test Lab with vps server with Windows. Tried over a 20 Samsung devices but couldn’t connect. Hangs on the “Connecting” icon. Can the hardware configuration also affect? port 2600 open and installed jawa runtime environment 8 with web start. And windows firewall disabled. Thanks

I think recently they installed something that will not let you connect if the connection is not fast enough and that may be the issue.

If you contact the RTL team SEND US FEEDBACK at the bottom, they usually respond quickly.

Be sure to specify what country and what device you are trying to connect too. Time and Dates really help them find the issue too.

Samsung Developer Team

I solved the problem. In the settings, Java switched from “Internet Explorer” to “Mozilla family” and added https: // *. Samsung…com to trusted sites