Request: Posible IF THEN ELSE conditions to the tags and the math round number function

Hello, well done Samsung Devs (Watch Face Studio Devs) You done great job with the Software. Is it posible to implement conditions to the TAGS for example IF second == 20 then print or text equals “Twenty” and aswell will be realy handy having round number option. Thank you!

This should help you with the IF THEN ELSE conditions using ternary operations.

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For the math round, you could do something like this:

Let [tag] be the expression you are evaluating


Example: 36.52

For the ternary operation:

condition ? true : false
0.52 >= 0.5 ? 36.52 + 1 - 0.52 : 36.52 - 0.52
0.52 >= 0.5 ? 36.52 + 0.48 : 36
0.52 >= 0.5 ? 37 : 36

For a more in depth round off including decimal round off, refer to my post at:

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How use IF ELSEIF THEN? Doesn’t work on watch

Can you explain more what you are trying to do? If your formula is correct, you just need to put parenthesis around it:


However this formula will only be true if step count is greater than 2000, otherwise false. If you were trying to get step count between 1000 and 2000, then the formula would look like this:

1000 < [SC] <= 2000

or it could have also been written similar to yours just reverse the true/false in the nested statement

1000 < [SC] < 2000

I know this, but if in formula is 2 times IF, doesn’t work

You really need to use Parenthesis a lot to make the more complicated tag expresssions work This was improved in the latest release but being over generous with () helps the logic.

The GWS tutorial is pretty good on explaining how to do Ternary Expressions

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Thank you Ron, I’ll try it

I agree with Ron using more parenthesis works better. The examples I provided were tested and worked as is.

I do not have the new watch to check it, but I would also try to change the order of the conditions to place the “nested” one in the else part like:
[SC]>1000?([SC]>2000?true:false):false => [SC]<1000?true:([SC]>2000?true:false)

I’m not on PC yet, I’ll try later but I think I have tried and doesn’t work. I’ll see tomorrow. Thank you