Required update notice in Korean

The notification is an image, so we can’t use Google Translate. Please post it in English.

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Did you submit a seller office support. That is where I’d start. If they don’t resolve it by Monday USA I’ll ask our tech writer to contact their tech writer.

Samsung Developer Relations

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this is the google translation of that image:
[Notice] Galaxy Themes to stop selling content that has not been updated for a long time


Hello, this is Samsung Galaxy Themes. We are always grateful to sellers who provide quality content to the Galaxy Themes Service.


Galaxy Themes content that has not been updated for a long time using the latest version of the GTS tool

Please update within the specified period.

If Galaxy Themes content is not updated for a long time, compatibility issues with customer devices and security issues may occur. Therefore, please note that Galaxy Themes will implement the following measures.


Content that has not been updated in the last 3 years will be discontinued on Galaxy Themes based on the criteria set out below.

Action target

Content that has not been updated since October 31, 2019 (content type: Wallpaper, AOD, Icon)

Action date

November 28, 2022 (Mon)

If you have any questions, please use Seller Portal > Customer Support > Contact Us.

thank you

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@alblang @X9_Studio

Is this any different than this older notice in July or just a reminder of that one.

Samsung Developer Relations

Same notice, we see the Koren version every time we log in. They waqnt us to pay attention LOL

They just sent another English version via email.