Theme Updates

Do we have to update all the themes?
I saw a message that says that we have to update our content.
My themes were updated on March, I have to update all themes again?


What was the message? I haven’t seen any new message or notice.

Are you talking about the notice to update all “Themes, Wallpaper, Icon, and AOD apps that were made with GTS Ver 9.2.01w.1 or earlier”? They have been notifying us of this for months.

Yes, I updated all my themes and icons with the GTS v12. Is that ok or I have to update them again with the new version?

All content that you want to keep, including themes, wallpapers, icons and AODs need to have been built with GTS version v9.2.01w.2 released on 2020-09-15, or later. All your A12 content is fine.

They have already begun suspending old content so you probably would have noticed if there was an issue with your themes. :crossed_fingers:

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Understood, thank you!

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