Resubmit after rejected but shows available not compatible

Hi All,
Im a noob with Play store trying to publish first watchface. I created one and it got rejected because of description. so I updated description but I took advantage and changed AOD and font as well. Now I have a Version uploaded.

Previous version it shows Approved in prod release but says not compatible with anything.
How do I resubmit this release. If I release, it will go to store but compatible error will continue. I dont know how to get it to review again.
I tried Prod release only. Do I hv to go again … Like Im lost totally…


HI Niranjan,

Look at this thread How to fix update rejected? - #4 by TS-Design it may have the solution for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron. I will wait for some as I have not received any mail for Version 3. So maybe as few are saying in the thread you mentioned, it may take 2-7 days.
Though I pushed it on 31st evening.
So still optimistic. Else will just rename and resubmit under different name.

Thanks once again Ron…