Resubmit watchface after [Watchface keyword] rejection


Perhaps a stupid question. I’ve just had my watchface rejected due to me not adding the [Watchface Keyword] section to the description.

I have now added this section to the description but cannot resubmit the watch for review because in the “Binary” section of the seller portal the binary is flagged as being ‘Rejected’.

What is the course of action to take here…should I just delete the binary and re-add it, or do I need to build a new binary with an updated version number even though the rejection reason was nothing to do with the original binary.

I’m sure I’ve read something about this situation somewhere before but I can’t find it now. I just wanted to be confident that I’m doing the right thing.



Not stupid at all, perfectly valid question :slight_smile: On all rejections where they actually mark the binary as rejected, just delete the binary. Everything else you’ve entered for the app will remain the same. Then add the new binary.

Thanks. I’ve deleted the binary and then just re-uploaded the same version (as there was no issue with the binary, just the absence of the [Watchface Keyword] in the description). It’s back in for review, and hopefully all will be OK this time.


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It depends on the tester unfortunately, some will just reject and you can change the description or whatever and resubmit. Others will reject the binary even though there is nothing wrong with it :frowning:

Since the Apple Watch debuted, users and developers have wanted third-party watch faces . Sorry, but they’re not coming!