How to fix update rejected?

Fix the problem on your watch face and re-upload it. They will review your watch face again and change the status to “approved” when there is no error/problem on your watch face.

I have rejected too: ‘your application does not provide Heart Rate as shown/described on the store listing’
I have set measuring heart rate for only on tap, so I don’t know where has Google problem

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I’ve had the same problem for 2 days. 1 Watch Face from me was published on Google, but not approved for Wear OS without proper explanation.
Another watchface was already activated for Wear OS, was downloaded several times, but was rejected after a small update (new buttons) on Wear OS. I didn’t even get an email this time. I only noticed that by accident.
Strangely, this problem has only appeared since the WatchFaceStudio update. Of course I don’t know if that has anything to do with that.
The fact is, compatibility keeps getting worse instead of better.
Either the watch faces are not found at all, or you can often only download them via the PC or laptop.

How to remove update rejected and add again for review?

Upload your watch face again with higher version code

Already added no change please help

It usually needs 2-7 days or more… please note that when your watch face is updated it doesn’t mean your watch face is approved for Wear OS, they will review again your watch face until there is no error on it. Then it will approved.

But where i am able to see that this is again “under review”. Without a status overview here it is just an waiting and hope the best. This is such a weird “handling” by such a huge company. :roll_eyes:

i have the same problem i upload the abb again for production and testing but i can not make it under review again (wear OS), it still shows Update rejected

Please Anyone help & tell us what’s the steps exactly after wear os rejection, to fix and resubmit it again.
steps in the console

There is a support link in the email you received from Google. Say that you have updated your app but it is still not approved. They will fix it.

so what am i suppose to do?

@mhmdnabil after dismissing the watch face due to HR issues, I made a new revision and added to the store. Of course, there was a problem with verification for Wear OS devices. The update is not automatic here. I wrote to the support to test the new version and make it available in the store. It took a few minutes from writing the email to them. The application is already in the store. I used the link in the email he mentions @JordyH.

What Google meant: Your app does not mention Wear OS in the store listing"

Did you just make a new number version and update or removed HR from the watch face entirely? Thanks for your help.

They sent me this with screenshot:
Hi Developer

Thanks for contacting the Google Play team.

Status: Latest app update not accepted into Wear OS on Google Play

I’ve reviewed your appeal request and found that your app RD075 (com.watchfacestudio.rd075) contains eligibility issues. I’ve included details below about the specific issue with your app and what you can do to meet the requirements for Wear OS.

Step 1: Fix the eligibility issue with your app

During review, we detected the following eligibility issue and were unable to accept your app for Wear OS:

The basic functionality of your app does not work as described. Wear OS functionality should work as expected or as described in the app’s Google Play Store listing.

For example, your application does not provide Heart Rate measure as shown/described on the store listing. You can refer to the attached screenshot for additional information.

Please update your app to fix this issue. You can refer to our Building Apps for Wearables and Testing your App documentation for more information on this requirement.
Step 2: Submit an updated app for another review…

Lol, seems thats a screenshot of built in heart rate app. If they comparing with it, it will be likely rejected. because they measured at different time.

I wrote them to let me explain what the image was, that it wasn’t from my app

Sometimes I doubt whether watch face testers have any sense…