Rejected watchface

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I am new to the Galaxy watch and it is my first watch face to be submited. I got a rejected information as below.
I don’t know where I can change the version. What I can do to solve this problem. Is it a setting in Galaxy studio I can change ? Or something I can do when I submit it?
Thank you so muchfor your help :pray: :pray:


Follow these steps.

  1. Open Galaxy Watch Studio > Open the application that you were rejected.

  2. Then press F10 to open the Build Project panel or press the button as shown in the image.


  • If it is the first application that you publish then you can do the next steps as indicated in the images.
  1. In the Build Project Panel where it says (Version) you can put the version of the application that you like the most or put it as it appears in the photo.

  2. After selecting the version at the bottom a voice called Target AOI Version will appear> select Tizen 3.0 Werable Devices and click Build as shown in the image.

  1. Repeat step 2

  2. In (Version) put a successive version to the previous one or do it as shown in the image.

  3. Repeat step 4 and select Tizen 4.0 and Later Werable Devices and click Build as shown in the image.

  1. In the Seller Portal click Re-Register to be able to make the modifications.

  2. Go to the Binary section as shown in the image.

  3. Cancel the rejected Binary.

  4. Load the two binaries created earlier.

  5. When loaded, touch where it says Selected Device(s) as shown in the image.

  1. In the window that will appear, write Gear S2 as and deselect all the devices that will appear and save as shown in the image.

  1. After I have done all these steps, you can publish the application.

I don’t think you need to build for Tizen 3 anymore as I think all S3 and Sport watches have been updated to Tizen 4. but it doesn’t hurt to do both TPK files.


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Thanks Ya soft, It is really helpful. Now I got some idea what mistake now.
Thank you for your step by step teaching, I am re submit it .I hope it will work this time.

Thanks you. as I didnt know what went wrong ,I will try build both first. and try without it next time.

Do not worry and remember to always do steps 12 and 13, they are the most important, it is the most common reason for rejection in the seller’s portal.

It works , My first dial have be selling now.Thanks Now I have to figure out how to make more people to see and buy it