Retro design (included) example -- AM/PM functionality

I’m looking at the AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\wfs_samples\Retro.wfs that is included with WFS. I cannot figure out how the AM/PM images are shown/hidden. See below:

  • At (1) we can see both AM and PM images are positioned in the same location
  • At (2) we can see only PM is shown, as expected

Where is the condition or code that causes PM to be visible and AM to be invisible?

I am looking somewhere for a condition involving [HOUR_0_23] or [IS_AFTNOON], but I cannot find where that condition is used anywhere. Thanks for any help.

Hi, for this they not using tag expressions but conditional time line.

Click what i circled and read this

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Thanks @Knightwing !