Run on Device requiring Author certificate

New here. I am testing out the application and attempting to load a test to my watch. I did get it connected over wifi. It shows up in the dropdown when Run on Device is selected.

  • I select the Run on Device
  • Select device
  • It says tpk package doesn’t exist, built it? Y
  • Build screen appears
  • Click Build at bottom. Says I need author certificate.

Question…I am only in test mode at the moment and have no intention of selling in store. My understanding is that I don’t need an Author certificate, but it won’t let me past this step. So it won’t build the project and I don’t know how to get it to load to the watch.

Second question…when I select Run on Device, will the watch face be available for my use or do I have to load it to the store?


In order to install your watch face you need a distributor certificate. In order to get a distributor certificate you need an Author’s certificate. Author certificates tell Samsung who you are, Distributor certificate tells the device that you are an developer and allows the installation. Those are necessary to prevent hacking.

You can “Side Load” directly to your device you do not need to upload to the store and I only recommend that for beta testing or sharing with other users. You do need a distributor certificate for your device ID.

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Got it. Thanks for the quick response.


Second question…I created the Author certificate and successfully loaded the watchface.

It says to save the Author file, but I don’t see anyplace to download it. Guidance please.


Hi, it is usually in the hard drive folder like C:\Users\your_username\GearWatchDesigner\keystore

By default it in the keystore that Peter listed. If you upload content to the seller portal and want to modify it later you must have the same author certificate as the original binary. So we recommend you save the Author Certificate on at least one other place not on your computer. Save it to a flash drive, cloud or another device.

If this is for your own personal it doesn’t matter you can always create a new Author Certificate.

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