USB Audio Recording External Microphone and Line-IN

I have a USB soundcard called Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 and its connected to a USB 3.1 HUB after the Samsung DEX Dock and inside the Dock there is a Note 8 running Android 9.
In Software like Signal Messenger or Voice Recorder, it seems to use 44100 KHz recording, and the USB is set to 48000 KHz.
I played around with some software, that is called Voice Recorder (there are several)
I can choose 44100 and 48000 after my USB Soundcard is recognized, if Ichoose 48000 the sound has no crackling or artifacts, if i chose 44100 i have digital noise, crackling and artifacts
In Signal Messenger I have also this crackling, so I suppose I need to Tell Android Audio Manager to use 48000 Khz on my USB Soundcard somehow for USB AUDIO IN.
How do I achieve this? Any Ideas are welcome.
Thank you

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. I was hoping someone could help you but it appears no one will. I see you already posted to the community.

I’ll try this in the DEX forum to see if anyone there can help,. I will have to remove it at some point because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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Thanks for a sign of life

I feel ignored by Samsung completely

Community does not answer, thats what I expected, Support Hotline did recommend Developers Forum, and now Developers want to remove the post?

I want to point out that I am advanced and experienced user, system integrator and black box tester and if you remove this content it will in the end make you wish you would have had a different decision

but hey, go on like this, I could use the external audio without DEX if Developers have a problem that I use DEX for it… Actually DEX is very good in 2020 compared to what exists else on the market for Android Desktop

THIS particular post is about EXTERNAL USB AUDIO USED ON NOTE 8
shall i test it without DEX?

Hi Team

I think I found the way how to use Signal Messenger with the External USB Soundcard and the connected Microphones, but it is not very convenient
Further other Apps do not work in a similar way/workaround

Best would really be if you could be able to adjust the sample rate inside the OS

SO here the steps how to make Signal Messanger Voice Recording for Voice Notes working without digital noise:


  • Phone should be powered on
  • Phone should NOT be in dock
  • USB Soundcard must be DISCONNECTED from dock
  • Dock shall be DISCONNECTED from power source


  • Clear All Apps in taskmanager
  • Reboot phone and enter all PINs that phone starts up completely
  • CONNECT dock to power
  • Place phone into dock
  • Wait for DEX to startup on the HDMI monitor
  • Wait 10 seconds and click on the Desktop on the DEX HDMI monitor to be active
  • CONNECT USB soundcard to dock
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Launch Signal Messenger


  • I am able to record voice messages inisde of Signal Messenger with good quality and no digital noise
  • The recording is recorded in Stereo but it is recorded only on the left channel (could be improved, i will post at Signal Messenger github)
  • I also wrote to the Developer of Desktop Hub for Samsung DEX called Flow Technlogies


I fully understand your situation and see support sending users to this forum only to cause additional frustration.

I see you have somewhat of a work around and I’ll keep the thread open for a bit longer just in case others with similar problems do a search but it will still have to be removed.

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