Samsum health update for iOS

I am currently using an iPhone and extremely disappointed with the Samsung Health App. I moved from Android in May and I had a Samsung Smartwatch. I still have my watch which needs me to use Samsung Health but the app has received no update on iOS in over a year. This is appalling because I am not getting the full value of my watch as a result. Please advise on what is happening and the reason for the lack of updates.

Although this isn’t a Developer issue open a Developer Support Request there is a way to set it for Samsung Health. They may have some insight.

Samsung Developer Relations

I tried that Ron but it doesn’t give me the option.
I attached a screenshot of the only options I get.

They updated the portal last week and it looks like the Health support is through the Health Developer Program.

From the support request select I am a developer and I need assistance from Developer Support Engineers

Then Type of application chose Tizen Watch

Then ask if there is any or if there will be any updates for Samsung Health on macOS

Please understand that there may not be any updates. For one macOS has updated platforms aggressively twice in the past year. Also it has been increasingly hard to get health apps approved due to the pandemic as they require more approval.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations