Samsung blockchain SDK with Vue-native

I’m trying to create a mobile DApp with vue-native, and i’m having trouble connecting the SDK to the vue store. Is there a way to achieve this? I’m not very familiar with Java and I would like any advice on how to use the platform SDK with vue. Thank you

Hello @lak1607585333,

Since vue-native is just a wrapper on top of react-native, you can follow the same procedure as react-native. Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is just an .aar library. So you can look at stackoverflow post like this to learn how to import .aar library file.

hi @temp_variable, I saw this post of stack overflow and followed the steps to import the aar library. My question is how to integrate the SDK with the vue-store. I am new to mobile app development, so i’d appreciate any help on this.

Hi @lak1607585333,

Sorry I am not very familiar with vue-native, but from my understanding vue-store seems to be an application state saving library. From the documentation, it seems like you can store key-value pairs in the given container.

I think you will be able to get better help regarding vue-store library by opening an issue on their Github page.