Samsung Keystore and Connect Wallet


Is there any references about what would I need to develop a connection between samsung keystore wallet to a dapp site ?
Something similar like walletconnect and metamask.
The keystore sdk will be on my custom phone app.

Hello @james1 ,

Hope you are doing well! Thank you for your interest in Samsung Blockchain SDK(s).
You can easily connect Samsung Blockchain Keystore with your web Dapp using Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK. To learn more you can check out my blog on exactly this topic: Take your Ethereum Dapp to Galaxy Devices Around the World | Samsung Developers.

You can also try checking out the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK: Developer Guide and Sample Application: Aero Wallet.

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Hi @shuvo.saha Thank you for your response!
Yes, I’m excited to try more of the features from the SDK.

I will try your suggestion and get back to you soon.

Hi @shuvo.saha

Thanks to your answer, I had taken another step forward.
Your blog is indeed a hidden gem.

I need to clarify several things though.

*First, your blog said;
“When the marketplace has loaded, the SBP prompts the user to allow the Dapp to connect to our hardware wallet.”

In my case, after the marketplace is loaded, nothing happened.
Even using “Connect Wallet” button do nothing.
The only thing that invoked the SBP prompts is when I click Buy button.
Is this normal ?

*Second, after the SBP prompts are completed. I tried to purchase one of the items.
But, the SBP’s payment intent UI is not invoked at all.
Is there any additional steps needed to catch this event for the payment UI to be invoked ?

*Lastly, this one is kinda out of scope. But I just wondering, does SBP already support Binance Smart Chain to date ?

Thank you