Samsung Device setup for TS.43 testing

I want to test the TS.43 flow by changing some of the carrier configuration (cc) parameters as described in: IMS Service Entitlement  |  Android Open Source Project
For that, I use:
Samsung Galaxy A52
Model: SM-A525F/DS

According to documentation, for that I require the root access and I actually managed to set this up with magisk and Odin.
However, I would still get the error message “cc: Permission denied.” when running the shell command in root mode.
I have tried to find information about it but the best I could find was the following:
Here on lines 908 and 1481, I can see the check for whether we are running in root mode AND also validation for whether we have user build type.
From TelephonyUtils - boolean IS_USER = “user”.equals(android.os.Build.Type);
From Build.TYPE - /** The type of build, like “user” or “eng”. */
public static final String TYPE = getString(“”);

I am not too familiar with Android development, so I would like to ask the following.
How do I get the as something other than “user”?
As I understand, I would need to download the Samsung firmware for my phone which has the OR ? Where can I get such ROM? As eng and userdebug are for testing, does Samsung even provides such firmware?

If I am mistaken, could you please generally advise me on such issues and propose some possible solutions?

Note: I understand that what I do might void my phone of warranty and block some applications. This device is for testing purposes only and it is not going to be used in common user activities.

This forum is not the right place for Android Questions. You should ask on one of the forum for Android Development. This forum is specifically for developers using Samsung Tools, SDKs, API’s and so on and not general Android development.

You can submit this as a DEVELOPER SUPPORT REQUEST and there is a possibility they may be able to help you or tell you where to go get help. But I cannot be certain.

Samsung Developer Relations

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