Samsung gear360 Software for Apple its not compatible with current MacOS Computers

Hi there! New in the community on here.

So I have this Samsung gear360 (The last generation) and I am an Augmented Reality Developer that knows a little bit about macOS and iOS Development. I was wondering if by any chance the Xcode Project could be shared as well as the Xcode project for the iOS app.

I want to still be able to use my camera. I wanted to stream something to youtube using the Gear 360 Live Broadcast but I cant use it. I’m kind of disappointed because I feel I bought this camera not that long ago and is very useful for me for AR Development like for capturing HDRI pictures. So I wanted to use one of the features the camera claimed it had when I bought it. The Livestreaming to youtube.

Can someone help me?

For lack of a better place I moved this to the Samsung Developer Program Forum

Here are some links that may help you.

and search on GitHub

I hope this helps
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