Gear 360 wifi direct connection

Since Samsung has stopped supporting Gear 360 (2017), the official app is not working on Android 11.
I’m trying to create an alternative application which works.
Using the Streetview mode I am able to access camera and get images/videos.

But I want to connect using wifi direct mode.
For this I assume I have to use wifi direct. Is this correct ?

By default I can’t see the device when I try Android’s default wifi direct setings.
Before following the guide below to create something , I want to make sure if wifi direct is the correct way

If not, should I first access through bluetooth and trigger the device somehow to make it accept wifi direct connection ?

I could not find any developer information for this device.
Where can I find how to access it ?


Did you see this Open Source Gear360 app in GitHub?

Samsung Developer Relations

no I haven’t seen it. thanks.
I’ll build and test it.

I just tried to build it but it uses th Samsung Accessory SDK
I included the required jar files (sdk-v1.0.0.jar and accessory-v2.6.1.jar) and removed Addon.jar from build.gradle as the author says it is not used.
But the following imports are not found:


where can I find these ?

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it doesn’t work.
even if it had worked, it is not the correct path.
author has a crippled implementation based on Samsung accessory sdk.
it requires the connection to be made by official Gear 360 app.

So , back to my question:
how can I connect to Gear 360 using wifi direct (and bluetooth ?) ?


I have no contacts with that. You can try Developer Support Request if it was developed in house and not by a 3rd party they may be able to help.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help,

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks Ron.
But I doubt that they would help me.
Because now Samsung does not support this camera. And it seems they never supported external development on it.

Actually I am looking for information how the connection is done. First BT , then wifi direct ? or vise versa ? or directly wifi direct ?

I just thought some other developer here from the community could jump in give feedback.

nobody has any information on this ?