Samsung m5 performance

I’m coding a Proof-of-concept about facial recognition.

My application essentially connects via websocket to a server, and paints information received using canvas in html5.

Everything works correctly. The problem is performance. This same code, run on a computer (firefox and chrome tested), is very fast, and on my samsung m5 it is extremely slow.

I have found no way to view CPU usage, I suspect it may go around, although in any case, I also have no way to improve / overclock this. Maybe some resource-consuming process to kill? I don’t really need the entire smart tv ecosystem, just having my application running would be enough

any suggestion? I am not an expert in javascript either. I do not know if there is a way to paint (rectangles) in a more optimal way than how it is done with html5 canvas


edit: I tested also with SVG instead html5 canvas. Same result. Right now it may be due to CPU performance, or high latency (I have seen that if I ping the screen from my computer it takes between 2 and 3 ms., a lot being a local network).
As you can see in the img, network seems not stable. is there a way to adapt the monitor to ethernet instead of wifi?

Hello @pineda89 ,

This forum is mainly for web development-related queries. For device performance-related queries, I think you will be able to get better answers on Samsung Tizen Forum or Seller Office TV.