Galaxy watch designer Laggy

Hey guys, i have a problem…

My Galaxy Watch Studio is totaly laggy

Here you can see this in my Video
How i can fix the problem?

My PC Specs:
AMD 7 3700x
1070 nvidia
16 RAM
Windows 10 pro

I’ve seen this issue before but I can’t find it in the support database. I have some ideas but I know others have seen this so maybe they can help with a solution.

Please open a support request on this.

Samsung Developer Program

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It is normal for it to happen, it does when you have many layer gwd / gws, it is not a CPU problem, the problem is insufficient RAM and VRAM, with the characteristics of your pc it can happen when you have more than 20 layers, As the only thing you will solve the problems is hiding the layers that you are not using, in this way the video card and the RAM do not process those images and you can continue working fluently
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I guess 16GB of RAM and 8GB video RAM is some above average PC. Maybe I dont understand it, but I still think it is a problem in the GWS app or java or windows or some other SW. On the video about half of the memory was still free, and CPU not loaded. How many GB of RAM or video memory more should system have to handle 30 image layers of few MB each when the SW cant even use what is available there?

I think the problem is that because I use a laptop💻 to be able to update the applications when I am traveling and it happens to me just like in the video, another thing that I have noticed is that in gwd / gws it works better in MacOS than in Windows…