Samsung SSSP Development

So I have a qb43b Samsung Signage Display. I was hoping to make a simple app with Tizen Studio to run some information about booking availability in a bar chain. I have developer mode enabled on the tv (although there is no App Center and 12345 to do it, rather Menu → App Management → Developer Mode → Local (I have also tried Remote with my pcs ip).

On Tizen Studio I have set up a certificate using this tutorial: Creating Certificates | Samsung Developer and Creating Certificates | Samsung Developer.

From the Remote Device Manager of Tizen Studio when I click the scan button I successfully see a new device with ip and port 26101, when I try to click the connection on I get the typical failed to connect messsage.

Running: Test-NetConnection -Port 26101 gives a TcpTestSucceeded: True, so the port is open and that is the connect ip address.

Both the pc and tv are on wifi on the same network, I also had them both wired and had the same issue. Is this something thats just not possible on the SSSP or am I missing something?

You can check the firewall settings on both the TV and PC to ensure they’re not blocking the connection and update the TY’s firmware and Tizen Studio to the latest version, as this can resolve compatibility issues. Manage Publix passport

Ah okay thanks! I will try that as I have had firewall issues before with this PC. So it’s not because it’s a SSSP display? It should just work with them then?