Unable to connect to TV

Remote device manager scanning finds the device, but I am unable to connect:

These reasons are not true.

I have enabled developer mode (consumer TV)

I was also trying to connect via CMD:

sdb connect

connecting to ...
failed to connect to

and port seems to be open:

nc -vnzu 26101

Connection to port 26101 [udp/*] succeeded!


sdb version
Smart Development Bridge version 4.2.16


How to debug this? How to make connection work?
Perhaps there a way to get more detailed logs of why the connection is failing?

I have good news and bad news. It probably isn’t connecting because you are using Tizen Distributor Certificates not Samsung (tizen) distributor Certificates. Normally that is the issue.
That is the good news, The bad news is that generating Samsung Author and Distributor certificates is temporarily broken and under repair. So you can’t do that right away. Hopefully it is fixed in a day or two.

See this page on creating and setting up your certificate

If you are using Samsung certificates I may be able to help but I need to know more.

Samsung Developer Relations

TBH I am not sure what kind of certificates I am using - this is my first time experimenting with Tizem TV applications.
I have installed Tizen Studio, Enabled Debugging in TV, and trying to connect.

If you don’t already have the certificate you can’t get one now. The system is broken since the first of the month.

An author’s certificate tells Samsung who the developer is and how to contact you. It also provides security that no other person can modify your app. A distributor certificate tells a TV that it is safe to install this app. You need a Samsung Distributor Certificate to run on Samsung Devices. For other Tizen devices you can use a Tizen Distributor Certificate.

See this page on creating and setting up your certificate it shows you the differences between a “Tizen” distributor certificate and a “Samsung Tizen” or if you look in your Certificate profiles you can see it will tell you on the certificate.

I hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

Make sure you enter the IP address for the device you’re developing on (i.e. laptop, desktop, etc).