Samsung switching to Wear OS?

I heard (unofficial) news saying that Samsung is planning to switch to Wear OS for the next smartwatch.
Can somebody tell me if this will be true or not? We as Tizen developers need to know in advance whether this platform will have a future or not.
Thank you.


Good question. But until Samsung not announce anything officially we will sailing in fog. :pensive:

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It happened with the Bada operating system.
If Samsung also decides to abandon Tizen, I don’t think it will come up with another operating system.
Nobody would dare learn to program in a system that when they want to, they just remove it.
If the new samsung smartwatch the battery lasts less and less, I cannot imagine this with Wear OS.
If Samsung decides to use Wear OS because it has more applications, it would not understand this either.
Most Wear OS applications you would not use because it seems ridiculous to see for example YouTube on the clock having a phone with a large screen.
A change of operating system I understand that affects a lot to those of us who work with code and api for tizen.
But 99% are designers who use software that does not require knowledge of code, this does not affect these people.
For me as a developer, Samsung already left us with no options to create software where you don’t need to use code.
This makes me as a developer hopeless from Tizen.

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