Samsungs switch to Tizen

Hello, I am curious because samsung now will official switching to Wear OS.
What is planned for our tizen wearble apps?
Will they also support the new Wear OS or will all the work we have done at developing them useless now?


Do not think of this as the Wear OS it is a new unified platform. A mixture of Tizen OS and Wear OS.

With the new unified platform, we are unlocking a whole world of opportunities for the developer community.

As more details are made public I will have a better understanding how it will affect app Developers.

Samsung Developer Team


I’m a fraid that all my web app are not compatible with new Os too. Hope I can get more detail as soon as posible to make plan with all my app.


@Yamato Yes: Samsung and Fitbit help Google to improve Wear OS.
Everything points to an updated Wear OS, so don’t expect it will run Tizen apps.

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Hi Ron, how about watchface developer and designer? Will Galaxy Watch Studio support the new OS?


I do not understand the mix of tizen OS and Wear OS.

I understand that it is going to be Wear OS with the custom One UI layer.

I don’t see the Tizen OS and Wear OS programming mixed up.

In fact, from what I have read, the programming will be done with the Android SDK which I do not see that Tizen OS is within that possibility.
It happened with Bada OS and now with Tizen OS.
After so many years studying Tizen OS APIs for nothing.


For my part, I do not learn any Samsung’s own operating system after abandoning operating systems twice.
The worst thing, that the developers who have worked so long with Tizen OS have not received a simple email from Samsung advising of the change of operating system and that it will become us.


In the editorial on Samsung News by Janghyun Yoon EVP and Head of S/W Platform Team pointed out Galaxy Watch Studio.

Our hope is that this platform will ignite innovation in spaces like the Galaxy Watch Studio

Other than than I can’t comment on anything until there is more public information.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Rom,

Will the main Tizen Studio software cease to exist?
Will you be able to create applications with Tizen Studio for the new operating system?
This is very important for those of us who work with code.

Hi Sergio,

I simply do not have an answer for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

“The Wear OS emulator in Android Studio now includes a preview of the upcoming Android 11 based update for Wear OS.”
So maybve Tizen Studio will remain for the TVs but for the new watches there’s Android Studio.

Hi Peter,

So I understand that Samsung has not been sincere.
Samsung has said it has unified Tizen OS and Wear OS.
This is not true because the applications have to be compatible with Wear OS and not with Tizen OS.
Where is the unification?
It doesn’t exist, it’s Wear OS with the One UI pernosalization layer.
Tizen OS is not unified with Wear OS, it just disappears and they invent that it is unified.
This is not serious and developers no longer trust what is said.
Tizen OS only for TVs?
I already notice that for a short time, then it will also disappear.
I as a developer would not create applications for televisions knowing that it will also disappear.
The annoying thing is that Samsung has not been honest with the developers and this annoys a lot.


What will be the purpose of galaxy store then, if the wear OS apps and faces can be downloaded directly from play store? Will it remain there for “obsolete” devices?

Yeah and statements like “they’re unified” or “we don’t know yet” try to distract from this fact.

@Peter My best guess is that the Galaxy Store will continue to distribute for the old Tizen watches for 3 years. I expect Wear OS apps will be distributed through Googles Play Store - just like currently.


Maybe there is an error in the Galaxy Store system but if you add .tpk file (for free app) it is marked as supported for WISE and FRESH devices. So doest it mean that WISE and FRESH have Tizen or can launch Tizen app?


First of all, I think it’s worth to thank Samsung for the opportunity to earn for several years in an environment where there is minimal competition (at least at the very beginning), as well as almost free promotion.

But time does not stand still, and corporate motives may be unknown to us.
I think GWS or Tizen watch face developers can benefit from market expansion if they can adapt.

I also hope that the Galaxy Store will continue to distribute watch faces (after all, applications for smartphones on Android is distributed in the Galaxy Store).

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The native language of android is Java, and it is used for Wear OS.
Tizen native language is C or C ++.
It is true that both operating systems use libraries but I find it almost impossible to use the native language of Tizen OS with Wear OS.
Android can work with web applications and this could work with an improvement in Tizen studio.
But I find it difficult to create watch faces with GWS (Galaxy Watch Studio) since this software works with the native Tizen language.
Will GWS disappear or will there be an update compatible with Wear OS?
Will Tizen Studio disappear or will there be an update compatible with Wear OS?
I do not give much hope to GWS but if an update compatible with Wear OS comes out, it will surely require knowing how to program.
For me perfect if this happens.

In the editorial on Samsung News by Janghyun Yoon EVP and Head of S/W Platform Team pointed out Galaxy Watch Studio.

Our hope is that this platform will ignite innovation in spaces like the Galaxy Watch Studio and inspire third party development, bringing a bigger and better network of apps to benefit Galaxy users around the world.

Because of Samsung non disclosure policy I simply cannot give you an answer for most of your questions or speculations. I can’t either affirm or deny them. As information is made available we will respond openly.

Samsung Developer Relations

I’ve got lots of questions myself. But I don’t expect this forum to be the original source of much information. It won’t be until Samsung makes an announcement that I expect to be able to hear more here. Having looked at the sessions that were available in Google I/O, there were only two concerning their Android for wearables. Not a lot of information from which to make an inference.

Until Samsung says more, all we have to go on is speculation.

My speculation is that we will get Android OS with some support for widgets. I don’t expect native applications to make the jump.

On a positive, I hope that Samsung will bring some recognition to Android Wear. While I am able to find Wear hardware with a bit of research, the watches that support it don’t really put it front-and-center. I don’t see a consumer getting a watch because it has Android on it. I see it far more likely that someone will get a watch because it is branded the same as their phone.

I may start porting some of my Tizen wearable applications to Android Wear just in case.

Android supports development in C/C++. Not that I suggest using it for a full application. But yes, languages that compile to Java byte code (Java, Kotlin) are the most commonly used languages.

Having only been involved in developing watch faces for Tizen… How is the support for watch face developers on Wear OS? Anyone with experience, both Java and C/C++? And when I say “developers” I literally mean developers and not designers using software to create watch faces (nothing wrong with it, but not the information I’m after).

I have a pretty big line up of new products to be developed, but ever since these rumors (and now made official) started popping up, the development have stopped until more information on this are revealed.

I’m sure this “merge” of OS will be beneficial (or I doubt Samsung would do it), but to justify spending time, energy and money on developing products for the platform, more information is needed. Both a roadmap going forward and also practical information as to what it means for a developer. And also a third to add, how is this going to be marketed?

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