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I’m a new Galaxy Themes designer, and when I try to use the “Apply to device tool”, it says that the theme is not supported by the connected device, doesn’t work with either 2020 or 2021. (I enabled USB debugging, ADB, and all that stuff)

Can someone please provide me with a list with compatible devices or compatible Android versions? I’m using a rather old smartphone (Samsung S6 Edge Plus with Android 7.0).

Thank you!

Think logically! If you have Android 7, how are you going to check themes for 10 and 11 systems on it?

This has nothing to do with “thinking logically”. I simply don’t know the compatibility between themes and older systems. The 2020 theme version could’ve easily worked with older Android versions. But thanks for your answer… sort of…

You are wrong thinking this way. There are different sizes of background images, dialer and some other details.

There is no list sorry, and can be hit or miss. For example, I can’t apply an Android 11 theme to my Note 9 (A10), will have to upgrade my phone when Android 12 comes out and the new tool is released, cause I won’t be able to apply themes to my phone to test.

And I think it was with Android 10 they went to PNG image formats in APK files, so the new tool definitely won’t work with older versions of Android.

I didn’t really think about it in any way, that’s why I asked.

I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or not, and this is the only Samsung smartphone I have available at the moment, because I use something else as a personal device. Thank you for your answer!

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Turns out that the 2020 version actually does work with Android 7.0, I just have to follow a few extra steps. :wink:

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Please share those extra steps, will help us all :slight_smile:

Ignore the Apply to Device Tool.

There are 2 Ways

  • Export the Preview APK (Dev Only)
  • Put in Internal Storage of the Smartphone
  • Open the Theme Store
  • Switch back to My Files (don’t close the Theme Store)
  • Install the Theme to test


  • Start Remote Test Lab here
  • Opene the Theme Store, switch back to Homescreen (don’t close Theme Stor)
  • Install the APK
  • Test the Theme :wink:

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I used the first method. To be more specific:

  1. Export the 2020 apk to your computer/laptop.
  2. Open the Galaxy Themes app on the device and do not close it.
  3. Copy the apk into the download folder from the internal storage.
  4. Install the apk from “My files”.
  5. Switch to Galaxy Themes, go to “My stuff” and apply the theme.

The theme lasts for a few minutes, then it switches back to your default theme, but it’s enough time to test it, and you can also reapply it (without going through the whole process again). Some features in some menus don’t work, but most of them do. The 2021 apk can be used too, but there are more features that don’t work, so it’s better to use the 2020 one.

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