Scheduled alarm not working on watch

I’m creating an alarm with the following code to show a notification at a certain time. It is working fine on the emulator but not on a real watch running Tizen, what is weird.

            Notification notif = new Notification {
                Title = AppResources.WellDone,
                Content = AppResources.Workout_Ended

            DateTime endTime = _startTime.Value.AddHours(_interval);
            Tizen.Applications.AlarmManager.CreateAlarm(endTime, notif);

What can be wrong here?

So it turned out I hadn’t enabled my app to receive notifications in Notifications settings :man_facepalming:

Is there a way to detect if the current app is not selected to receive notifications, so that I can warn the user?

Hello @hac1606150500,

There does not seem to be any guidance regarding this in the documentation.
I think you be able to get better help from the Developer Support team by creating a support request .