Migrate to new PC?

Any recommendations for migrating WFS to a new PC? I assume I can move project files for existing watch faces, but is there anything related to publishing the app that could get messed up? I’m still new to developing, so forgive my poor terminology, but isn’t there a signature key or something that is used when you build the app for the Play Store? It seems like you’d need the same key to make updates to existing watch faces. Is there anyway to migrate this from one install to another?

Good question, I have wondered about this as well, especially in terms of the Keystone stuff. I hope someone can answer this but I am assuming that if you maintain the exact path, it would not affect it?

Good afternoon. I have done it. But first you need to save all WatchFaceStudio folders on an external drive.
Folders to be saved :

  1. C:\Program Files\WatchFaceStudio
  2. C:\Users\admin\WatchFaceStudio

Install Watch Face Studio on the new computer and replace the existing files with the saved files. KEY and key path will have to be specified again. It will be located in C:\Users\admin\WatchFaceStudio\keystore

admin — is the user name of your computer.

If errors occur, reinstall Watch Face Studio without deleting anything.

It works for me. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for!