Second hand appears 'too late'

When I activate the watch (double tab, or wrist movement) the screen lights up and is clearly activated, but the second hand takes quite some time to appear.

This is only for a watch face I created with Tizen Studio with quite some elements and tags. If I remove most of the elements or use a standard watch face created by Samsung everything is fine.

Does anyone recognize this behaviour?

I guess it is a question of what you consider quite some time. Just like any program it can take a time to load into memory and the second had if it was just after a tick a second could take a bit longer to load.

I’ve heard of lag before with complicated watch faces but usually that is regarding animation.

More information might be useful especially if your watch face does anything in the background or you are debugging on the watch.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Quite some time is around 8 - 10 seconds, so when time-out is set to 10 seconds the second hand is hardly noticable.

I have a design where digital clock elements move around based on the time. To get a smooth experience I have about 40 elements with tags for switching opacity between 100% and 0%. I did not found a way to calculate the position yet (such that I need only 5 or so clock elements), so this seemed a workable solution. It does work fine, except for the second hand.

I have another design with just about 10 or so digital clock elements giving a less smooth experience, but shows the second hand without any delay.

Not a big deal, I am just curious.

Are you doing this with Tizen Studio or Galaxy Watch Studio? If Galaxy Watch Studio (and maybe TS too) be sure the second hand movement is not Tension. If it is normal try sweep instead and see if that makes a difference.

If you are doing this with GWS then use the timeline set to second to hide and show rather than tags.

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Hi, I am using Galaxy Watch Studio and second hand movement is set to sweep. I tried the timeline, but that dit not help.

I’ve got two other things to try.

First go to Settings -> Watch Faces -> Ongoing Icons and if that is on turn it off and see if that makes a difference. There is a report of it affecting animations loading and may be something you are seeing.

Second is to change from Sweep to Normal and see if that makes a difference. I see a report of an issue with using the Second Hand as a button in Sweep or Tension mode. It is worth trying this as normal.

If neither of those help Please open a support request and they can give you information on how to create a log and they can then determine what is the issue. Be sure to include all information on the watch you are running on, software version etc.

I will move this to Galaxy Watch Studio forum in case other watch designers have seen issues.

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Thanks again for your prompt reply! I will try and open up a support request if needed.