Seconds Hand setting not available


I’m a begginer in GWD and I frequently face an odd type of issue. When I add seconds hand on my project, at the time I try to attribute function of SECONDS IN A MINUTE this option is not available. Is it any kind of software bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Luis

you are probably trying to create a second hand in an AOD watch face. You can tell if you are doing the AOD design or AOD Runtime window because the OPR percentage will show in the view (at the bottom right on the design window) you toggle back and forth using the (what I call the half moon icon) in the upper right hand corner of GWS. The preview window has the same thing in the preview window.

If that isn’t the case then I’d need to know more but I believe it is because seconds aren’t allowed in the AOD mode.

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Exactly what you told me. Doubt solved! Thanks for your help!