Weather watch faces, seconds lag when AOD is on


There seems to be a problem when you create a weather watch face and you have the AOD enabled the problem becomes more obvious when you use animations as well.

The problem is that the seconds hand lags when rotating and the more elements you use the more obvious becomes, if you disable the AOD then the rotation is smooth without problems.

Also i tried the exact watch face without the weather functions with steps and HR instead and there was no problem with the seconds rotation when the AOD was enabled.

Anyone else encountered the same problem or a way to fix this?

AOD is a distinctly different instance of a watch face and I don’t understand how it could affect the active watch face.

There is a known bug with the second hand and ongoing icon animations and that may also affect your animations and on Tizen 4 and Tizen 5 that was recently fixed with an update.

Is your second hand sweep, normal or tension? What is your Tizen Version?

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Hello, my Tizen version is and the testing is done on an Active 2. The hand motion is sweeping.

I have also uploaded an example video showing the problem.

I see it isn’t the AOD it is the system setting that changes the hands affect. The ongoing Icon’s bug was also a system setting. Try it with normal motion and see if it works correctly. The bug was only with sweep second hand.

It it does then it is the same firmware bug. I’m not sure everyone got the fix.

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I see, i tried the normal motion and it works fine. Switching to tension movement the watch face will load with frozen screen so it’s not usable as well.

Tension seems to be more for special effects it goes past then comes back. Not sure why it would load a frozen screen but probably animation doesn’t play well with it.

Anyway it probably is the same bug already reported.

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