Section news and trends in google play

Hey, guys.
I have a question. The news and trends section in google play is a static and artificial ranking by google or is it dependent on sales? As far as i can see there is no movement there. Thanks for the opinions.

I think it’s just a picture they uploaded 2 years ago :rofl:.

No. I hope they will revamp the entire Watch app section. Currently it’s just a section somewhere in the lower floors of the platform.

Just like smartphones have their own platform, smartwatches should get something similar. That would be what we would all like to see.

Yeah, that would be a really cool thing. But I’m a little skeptical. I confess I don’t know how to offer my work anymore. I’ll admit I’m getting tired of “spamming” Facebook groops. Instead of creating new dials, one has to keep forcing oneself on social media. Hopefully it will get better soon… :+1: