Self-Managed ConnectionService Not Working


We are currently building a VOIP calling application with a particular focus on your brand of tablets. However, we are experiencing some issues with the calling support.

In total we have 4 Samsung tablets; SM-T395, SM-T390, SM-T590, and the SM-T290. Of these, we are only having issues with the SM-T290.

We have implemented a self-managed connection service as documented by google at -

On the SM-T290 incoming connections work correctly, but when attempting to place an outgoing call using TelecomManager.placeCall(…), neither of the expected methods on my service are called.

onCreateOutgoingConnection(…) or onCreateOutgoingConnectionFailed(…)

Looking through an unfiltered logcat when using placeCall(…) We see the following on the devices.

SM-T395 (Working)
I/Telecom:SamsumgTelecomSystemManager: isVoiceCapable(internal) : true

SM-T390 (Working)
I/Telecom:SamsumgTelecomSystemManager: isVoiceCapable(internal) : false
I/Telecom:SamsumgCmcSystemListener: isVoiceCapable - isSdDevice : true

SM-T290 (Not Working)
I/Telecom:SamsumgTelecomSystemManager: isVoiceCapable(internal) : false
I/Telecom:SamsumgCmcSystemListener: isVoiceCapable - isSdDevice : false

On the working devices, there is more log output from calling classes that I have omitted. But on the non-working all call processing appears to cease.

To us it looks like voice calling is disabled on the SM-T290 and this is why the connection service method of calling fails. Is this correct? And if so, can it be re-enabled?

Why does the SM-T590 work but SM-T290 does not? Both are wifi only, and have 1 speaker and microphone.

Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for sharing

Any news on this topic?

I am facing issues with a SM-T510 device running Android 10 build QP1A.190711.020.T510XXU3BTH4.

Incoming calls activate ConnectionService with no problems.

Outgoing calls does not trigger the ConnectionService, it is not instantiated. None of the methods that should be called are:

onCreateOutgoingConnection(…) or onCreateOutgoingConnectionFailed(…)

I get comparable output to sim1580995126:

I Telecom:SamsungDvfsManager: CpuBooster.acquire()
I Telecom:SamsungUserCallIntentProcessor: processOutgoingCallIntentManagedProfile - isManagedProfile : false / shouldProcessAsEmergency : false / baseUserRestriction : false / userRestriction : false
I Telecom:SamsungUserCallIntentProcessor: processOutgoingCallIntent - uriString : ea1 * *****************************31a
I Telecom:SamsungTelecomWakeLock: acquirePartialWakeLockShortly - timeout : 1000 / tag : SamsungUserCallIntentProcessor
I Telecom:SamsungUserCallIntentProcessor: defaultDialer: null / callingPackage : dk.medconnect
I Telecom:SamsungUserCallIntentProcessor: isDefaultPrivilegedDialerPackage is false
I Telecom:SamsungTelecomServiceImpl: getSystemDialerPackage - callingPid : 3992 / processName : sts
I Telecom : UserCallIntentProcessor: sendIntentToDestination: send intent to Telecom directly.: TSI.pC @AQ0
I Telecom : CallIntentProcessor: onReceive - isUnknownCall: false: TSI.pC @AQ0
I Telecom:SamsungTelecomSystemManager: isVoiceCapable: false
I Telecom:SamsungCmcSystemListener: isVoiceCapable - isSdDevice : false

Any help would be much appreciated!