Send Custom Watch Face From Android App to Tizen

We have an application Watch Skin for Android. We need to configure some watch faces from Android and need to set the send the same watch face on the samsungTizen Watch from Android

I saw some applications doing it with companion app and Accesory SDK but i am not sure how they do it. Please help me with right Approach.

Can u please guide if below approach is fine what I am doing currently. Please guide me with the right Approach

1.) From Android Device Send a Request to Cloud EC2 Instance to use tizen Cli to build Wgt with custom background selected from Android Phone.

2.) Downloading WGT File in Android Phone.

3.) Than Sending this WGT file to tizen watch using Accesory SDK so that Tizen Wearable Watch has the Custom Watch Skin Now

Is this the right approach or It can be done in much easier approach. Can u please guide on this.

Your inputs will be really helpful

With Galaxy Accessory SDK you can transfer data and file in between a Tizen App and an Android app. I think you can develop a watch face in Tizen and a companion Android app. Then you can change or customize the watch face from the Android app. But I am not sure if there is any way to send a wgt file and install the web app from there.

How to change the watch face of Tizen Watch from Android. I have created a Tizen Companion Web Watch Face App but need help how to change the Watch Face of that companion App.