Sensor Extention SDK for HRM not fully working on Note 4, red led never turn on

Sensor Extension SDK not fully working on the Note 4 ( SM-N910C) Android 6.0.1.
When I am running the test app only ir led working and not the red led, put the finger to the HRM sensor red led never turn on.
I have try S-Health app and the red led work. So it is driver bug for the Note 4.
Since this device very old but my app still support for the devices, not all the Note 4 user complaint about the issue but many of them.


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From March 1, 2021, Galaxy Sensor Extension SDK will be deprecated on all devices. With that, no new release or support will be available for the SDK.
Galaxy Sensor - Build | Samsung Developers

Moreover, there’s no possibility of diagnosis & debugging of an issue on Galaxy Note 4 via updates anymore. Keeping these aspects in the mind, we’re really sorry to inform you that we cannot proceed with your issue any further. Hope you would understand the limitations.

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