Separate in the app store samsung watch faces

Developers who make watch faces with Tizen Studio are at a disadvantage.
We developers use code, but we create new functions that GWS does not have.

Why in the samsung app store the watch faces created with Tizen Studio and those created by GWS are not separated?
If the watch faces created with Tizen Studio are separated, customers when they see the watch faces know that they have other functions not found in GWS.
For example:
Spheres created with Tizen Studio AOD color can be the same as normal mode color.
This is sought by many people.
With Tizen Studio the configuration of colors and others is not erased.
When you change spheres and return to the previous one, the colors and other functions will continue as the client left.
This is also requested by customers.
Why doesn’t Samsung study this knowing that Tizen Studio is a powerful tool?
Sure, you have to know how to program.

HI Sergio,

I am moving this to the seller portal forum as it is not relevant to Galaxy Watch Studio or Tizen Studio development.

The store determines by the binary what is and isn’t a watch face it has no idea how the TPK is created.

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