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I’m new to the forum here as well as Watch Studio. I was recently given an older Galaxy Watch (SM-R810) by my son who upgraded his. Because I like to tinker I downloaded GWS for Tizen, jumped in head first and began experimenting with face designs. I’ve come up with a fairly simple design and would like to test it out on the actual watch.

But…I read in a tutorial that says before that can be done I have to upload it to the “Store” and it has to be approved, or something like that and there is a certificate or code I need to get. Thing is, I have no intention of marketing any watch faces and I’m only doing this for personal reasons. But I’m unsure what the remaining process should be for getting the design onto my watch

Are there any in-depth, step-by-step lessons for how to do this?

Congratulations on the Galaxy Watch it is a very good watch.

I think you read about beta testing in through the store you do not need to do that to run on your own device. However, you do need to create two certificates in order build the watch and to sideload (install, run or debug) on your watch.

Privacy laws have made it a bit complicated to install on a watch as a special encryption key has to be accepted so read the information.

See the Tutorial on connecting.

Read the FAQ about certificates and connecting to your watch before you try to install it will be very useful

If you have any issues come ask here, I’ve helped hundreds get started. It is a fun hobby and nice to make a unique custom watch face just for your own use.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you for your reply Ron. I have bluetooth and debugging enabled on both devices. My phone (Galaxy S10+) is connected to my PC via USB and GWS recognizes it when I select ‘Run On Device’. The issue I’m having is getting sdoverbt to successfully connect after several attempts. I’m going to do some troubleshooting and get back to you.

You will need to reboot a few times because of caching.

If Developer Options are not enabled (not just debugging but developer options) Tap on the software version 5 times and it will enable developer options. You need that for USB Debugging.

Check your mobile settings developer options and make sure USB debugging is enabled
Reboot the Watch by holding down the power key for about 15 seconds until it says rebooting. (don’t just turn on and off).
Restart your computer
Open SDBoverBT on your mobile and select the Galaxy Watch You may get the pop up screen that to accept the RSA Encryption Key at this time (but I think it happens when you try to run the first time.)
Your watch should show as enabled in the SDBoverBT app.
connect your mobile to the computer and be sure that data transfer is allowed.
open GWS and your project
Select Run on Device.
the Android icon should show and tap on it and it will show and below that your watch.
Watch your watch carefully the RSA Encryption acceptance does not show very long and if it is not accepted it will not pop up again unless your reboot.

I have images I can upload if this doesn’t get you going.

Samsung Developer Relations

-Done and enabled–



-Done, but it still won’t connect. Screen cap below…

And this is how far I get. Doesn’t matter if phone is connected to the PC or not.
Anyway, thanx for your patience.

Is your phone paired to the watch? I think you get that if it isn’t paired.

If this is an LTE (standalone) watch you may have to connect by WiFi. Do you need instructions for that? Unless you are behind a firewall or VPN on your computer that is pretty easy.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, phone can connect remotely via wi-fi if I disable BT on the watch. I can see the IP address on the router. However when selecting ‘Run On Device’, GWS does not see it… even when entering the IP manually.
Also, pairing the phone to the watch via wi-fi disables some options in the ‘Galaxy Wearable’ app. But they are enabled over BT.
Note: My pc (Win10) connects to the network via ethernet but the network name is the same as wi-fi.

Yes, I would love some instructions. This is driving me nuts!

The only firewall is built in to the router but the watch is visible. I use a VPN but have it disabled while working locally.

I used to work helpdesk years ago so I have an idea what you must go through every day. Thanks for all you do brother!

Only one time in 4 years has that worked for me. You really need to be on WiFi on the PC and unplug from Ethernet. You could try turning WiFi off on your Galaxy Watch when you connect with sdboverbt that may be an issue.

Weird it sees the watch but just can’t connect for some reason.


Ok…so I disabled ethernet and re-configured my PC for wifi. I successfully connected GWS after it saw the watch (F9) on the network. I then grabbed the required certificates and was able to transfer my design to the watch. Whew, mission accomplished! Sooo much easier than the BT method!

The only downside to all this is I have to reconfig over to wifi every time I design a new watchface. Not complaining tho.
I appreciate the help sir.

I just unplug the Ethernet and my computer would go to WiFi automatically. :slight_smile: but you can disable the ethernet adaptor it is fairly easy to do.

Galaxy Watch Studio remember the IP address and you don’t need a new Developer Certificate unless you change or update the version of your watch. It is pretty simple for repeating connections.

Glad you got it solved.


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