Serious Issue with Samsung RTL USA server

USA server of the Samsung RTL almost totally devoid of devices, causing us who have the US as closest location to have a hard time with testing. Since the 11/04/2022, devices on the USA page of the RTL kept disappearing or getting unusable, one after another. The S22 and S22+ just disappeared (together with a load of other device models), the Note 10 was usable on Wednesday, then on Friday, all 14 devices will return a “All ongoing tests have ended popup” instead of a popup having the device. Please the new web version is more of a headache than an improvement, if possible, I personally don’t mind going back to the Java version. Please do something about it. Created a support ticket since Wednesday and have gotten no reply till this day.

As of right now (18/04/2022), the Galaxy S21+ seems to be the only model with working devices. The rest of the displayed models do not work, for the most part. They just return a popup window with “All Ongoing Tests have ended”. We have lost over three hundred credits trying to use them (always having the hope that the issue has been fixed) only to be met with the “All ongoing tests have ended” popup window. Please make the USA server be like the Korean server - vast array of device models that actually work and are always available. The current state of affairs is really penalizing many of us.

Nonetheless, we are grateful for the RTL service and hope it gets improved.

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