Devices disappearing from RTL USA server

I’ve been using the RTL for several months now, since when it was still in the Java “jnlp version” which worked with literally no qualms. Since the web version was introduced, I’ve been facing issues, and this week, it got even worse…more than half of all devices in the USA server have disappeared, or at least are no longer available on the webpage. Just 7 models are now available, and of those 7, just about 2 are usable, the rest of them, when selected, return a “All Ongoing Tests have ended”, and most of the time, they are not available. The S22, S22+ and a host of other devices just disappeared from the webpage, those left behind are literally unusable. Please the US server is the fastest for some of us, putting it in such a state is very detrimental to many of us devs who rely on the RTL. Also, it’ll be great if the US server had as many devices as the Korean or Vietnamese servers. The US server is really void of a huge number of Samsung devices. Before and After (span of just 2 days) can be seen in the attached screenshots


I moved this to the Samsung Developer Program folder as I think that may get more attention.

I see the same issue as you do. It may be they are being updated or off line in the US for some other reason, i.e. need to be manually reset, I see that reported a lot over the weekends. These are real devices and if someone crashed one it needs to be reset.

I’d suggest you do both if you didn’t. If they are still off line for USA Tuesday I’ll escalate this.


I escalated this issue. It looks like your only choice is to select UK or some other country hopefully that has a good connection.

Samsung Developer Relations