Samsung Remote Test Lab - Have the USA and UK servers been abandoned?


I think the attached screenshots say it all. After years of using the RTL, I have never been faced with such a troubling issue; two servers having absolutely ALL of their devices unavailable, supposedly reserved, and this for hours. Please what’s happening to the USA and UK servers? Why have they become literally unusable? Why do other servers receive the latest Samsung devices like the Z Fold 4 but not the USA server? Why is the USA server literally unusable, due to these “reservations”. We call on you to please do something about this. The Brazilian, Korean, Russian and even Polish servers are doing fine, devices generally always available, but why isn’t it the case with the USA and UK servers? Please see attached screenshots.

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Korea seems to be back up but not the US, I think I can contact them and get it back online.

Samsung Developer Relations

This isn’t new, U.S. devices have been unavailable for at least a month now.

They are back online now. They sometimes need to be manually restarted. The new Folds are not available in the US yet.

If you see any off line drop me a note I have the contact for the US RTL.

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Samsung RTL behaviour update.

As mentioned in my previous reply and as you can see in the attached screenshot, the USA server maintains the same unfortunate behaviour; devices are made available and after a couple of hours, they get blurred out, for literally an entire day, before someone turns them on again (considering what you said about them sometimes requiring manual booting).

This has been the Samsung RTL USA server since May 2022, very inconsistent and we really have been having a hard time. Isn’t it possible to make the USA and UK servers mimic the Korean server? Even during worse possible cases, i.e during weekends, when most servers see their devices disappear from the RTL web page, the Korean server always has a reasonable amount of devices for use. It’s so unfortunate that our current location makes it very hard to adequately use the Korean server (input lag, latency). On the other hand, the USA and UK servers lose devices every single day. They have hardly ever been up for more than 6 hours, and this only during a particular period. Yesterday, the UK server had the Galaxy S10. S10e, S20 and some other devices. At the time of this writing, they are not even visible on the webpage anymore, and just like with the USA server, the UK server has started losing devices into “reserved mode”, i.e. devices getting blurred out, supposedly reserved for very very long periods.

It is our plea that this issue be given proper consideration. We have raised this issue since the month of May, and despite promises about their resolution, nothing has been done. Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards

Thanks for doing something about this, it is truly and sincerely appreciated.

Indeed, they are back online, but this isn’t new. They sometimes come online, only to go back off again for several hours. We have been writing to support since May about this issue; where devices will be available for like 4 hours a day, for the other 20 hours of the day, all devices just get blurred out, as in the pic of this post, supposedly reserved. Nothing seemed to have been done about it. It first began to happen on weekends, devices will go offline and only come back on like Monday. This was understandable and manageable, but unfortunately, since June, and particularly for the USA server, things got worse. Devices would be available for only a few hours, like 2 - 4 hours, then they disappear, almost completely, same with the UK servers. Other servers are relatively unaffected by this issue.

We insist on these two servers because the current location of our teams make these two servers our best option when considering input lag and speed when using the samsung devices. We sometimes use the other servers, but even just increasing the visual quality by any sensible amount completely jeopardizes input lag and makes our testing experience awful.

Being able to talk to someone having “direct access” to the USA server is relieving, please forward this plea, let a permanent fix be found to the issue of “disappearing devices” and let the USA and UK servers get new devices. We’ve been creating support tickets since May of this year, but they yielded no results, sometimes the tickets just got closed with no reply, we sometimes got responses, but no visible concrete results.

I’ll escalate this. The last time I reported it, I checked it daily and it was working so I quit checking.

Samsung Developer Relations

It will be sincerely appreciated. Just to serve as evidence, the attached screenshots display the current state of the USA and UK servers since Friday night (GMT +1). Zero devices available in the UK, 2 in the USA, and that’s all. As always, this is happening only to the US and UK servers. Poland, Russia, Korea, Vietnam and Brazil are just fine. Why is this happening, why is this happening only to the USA and UK servers?

There have been no visible changes since your last comment, and you haven’t said anything since then. Should I therefore consider that the behaviour of the USA and UK servers of the Samsung RTL are condemned to remain as they currently are? At the time of this writing, only one device is available in the USA and UK servers combined. See attached screenshot. Again, why is this happening to the USA and UK servers alone? How come the Russian and Indian servers are doing fine but not the USA and UK servers?

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Thanks for the heads up.
They “fix it” then I watch it for a few days and there are 18 to 21 devices and then I quit checking and it breaks. I have to check from a personal computer. The work VPN is very restrictive.

I’ll see if I can get some answers this time.


Important: Please reply to this comment so that I can be sure that my plea contained herein, has reached you, thanks.

Thanks for your reply. That’s literally what has been going on for several months now. I create a support ticket, when I am fortunate enough to get a reply, the devices come back online, for a few hours, then go back offline again, and ONLY for the USA and UK servers, which we use the most. It looks like the fixing is only temporary. How about the technical staff giving a detailed look into this issue.

How about trying to find out why this is happening only to the USA and UK servers? Russia is fine, same for Brazil and India, but not the USA and UK, why? This has been going on since April-May of this year. Please an in-depth analysis of this situation should be done, it is my humble plea.

Can you please reply to this comment so that I can be sure that my plea has reached you, thanks.

I didn’t realize until just now this was in the general category I moved it to the Developer Program forum.

Why it is specific countries is because it is different servers. They are real devices in those countries they are not emulators.

I’ve asked the team for a report on why this happens but my guess is if they knew why then it wouldn’t happen :frowning:

Samsung Developer Relations

Or maybe they’re not even aware that something like this is happening

The US RTL team narrowed it down to the USB failing. They are working on a permanent solution.

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Good to hear, finally something being done about it. Hope the UK team will also do something about their station as well