Set default provider to my own provider

I have developed a Wear OS app that serves as a complication provider for a watch face which I have made using WFS. The user can select my watch face, tap Edit, then tap each complication, and select my complication provider. This works, but many non-technical users find it too complicated. If I could, in WFS, set my own complication provider as the default complication provider, it would make life a lot simpler for the user. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Hi @bo.hellgren , u are unable to unfortunately with wfs as yet. And most non default complication is done the way u describe. But because most watch face explain how to use complication on the google play description or on the companion app. Non-technical user will figure it out.

If you want default complication you need to use android studio to developed your watch face. Which i think no issue for u as u developed your own complication already

P.s i doubt samsung implement that feature into wfs
Because their concept for wfs is to provide default provider that is common (e.g factory provided providers)

It shouldn’t be too difficult for Samsung to add a choice ‘User defined’ to their list of possible default providers, and then let me enter the name of my complication provider (the same name that the user now sees when configuring the watch face).

Put in a feature request here.

In theory if you try to open an app from your watch face and it isn’t installed the system will prompt you to install it or other options. But it doesn’t work that way with watch face complications

  • WFS only includes the complications that they are mandatory in Wear OS. The software can’t not guess what 3rd parties will or will not have now or in the future.
  • WFS does not know what make of watch you have and if that watch brand has the complication
  • WFS does not know what the priority type of complication for the User complication will be for example short text, icon, range value, number output.
  • WFS has many options for each slot type, you would need to remove all other options to force a choice and it could be that the the complication at this time or in a future version will not have that complication type.
  • When the app developer does the complication he fills in the blanks in the code. Some of them are optional

Does that make sense

Samsung Developer Relations

It is much easier than you imply. All WFS has to do is to allow me to enter the name of my provider and then plug it in as
in the WatchFaceFormat XML which WFS generates. See this sample code
line 553 for an example.

I think even its just setting the provider name. But when u insert your provider (default provider) the issue is it might not work on all watches…

Where as the default providers provided is tested to suppose to be standard on all watches.

Like i see in the example a fibit complication… so e.g u choose fitbit complication as default.

It might not work on a watch without the fitbit app.