Bring photo from watch and shows in watch face

bring photo from watch Gallery and shows in watch face is possible?
i’m struggling at “Photo Image Complication” i think i can connect default provider to some kind of Gallery and bring some photo that i set to watch face.

You are thinking wrong. This is a complication not a background selector. You add an image you want for the default image and it could be used to open the gallery or some other app if you set the default to app selector but it is not to replace the image in the complication no to replace the background image.

If there is a third party that has created a small image complication for their app then that can be swapped in customizing.

There are watch faces that let you select the background from your gallery. Those were not created using WFS but either a preinstalled watch face or one controlled by a companion app.

Samsung Developer Relations

thanks alot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: