Short text complication date and time persist till you load another watch face


i noticed a bug probably where the short text complication when set to date or time and after you disable them by selecting none on the customization menu, after it changes to a new minute they will appear again and will stay on until another watch face is loaded. Then reverting to the previous watch face the time or date will be disabled as supposed to.


I have tried your mentioned steps but on my watch when I select none nothing unusual happened.

It doesn’t happen in my watch.

Could you please share any file to understand the issue?

time (172.1 KB)

I have uploaded the file for watch face studio and here is also a video link where you can see the problem after the new minute changes.

Hello Shedio,
Thank you so much for your details information. Now I can understand the issue :blush:.
You can report it here, hopefully they will solve the issue.

I tested this and for me it only happens if you change it on the device. If you have a paired phone and do it on that it worked as expected.

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I usually make any customization changes on my device because the wear app tends to sometimes stuck on loading a watch face’s customization menu. So for a change that it would take a matter of seconds sometimes might even go up to a minute with the app, until it finally loads the watch face settings.

Thank you for sharing the project and video. I could understand the issue exactly.
The team will try to solve the issue in the next release.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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I have fat fingers so I never use it on the watch :slight_smile: I haven’t noticed the behavior myself so I can’t submit a bug. Are you using a Samsung mobile?

Here is a video showing that it takes a few tries to load the customization menu, sometimes even after it loads it will exit while i am going through making the changes before i save them and i will need to start over again.

I am using a Samsung phone.

Hi Shedio,

Thanks for the video. Since I can’t duplicate it I have a couple questions.
Is this a BT or LTE device
does it act the same on the preinstalled watch faces or just one built with WFS

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It’s a BT device i never have any issues with the pre-installed watch faces i have also tried a few from other watch face creators but the majority i have tried keeps the customization to just the basic stuff like index and colors and usually will load with no issues.
I suspect the problem is with the complexity of customizations added to the watch face.
I usually add lots of customization Style of hands, index styles, backgrounds, smaller index styles and texture options and so on. So i think i might be reaching the limit of the watch, same with this watch face The tizen version runs smooth but the wear os version struggles to keep up with the animation and when i try to load the options within the wearable app is the same like the above video or worse.

Hi Shedio,

There is a know issue with too many Styles and customization in the wear app in the current Watch Face Studio. I added this to that support ticket. But if you want a new support request you can start one or I can for you.

I believe it is addressed in an upcoming release. I expect a new version this summer but don’t have a release date.

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If it’s possible can you do it?

Also will we have to rebuild the watch faces and upload them again to the store? I hope not because the last weeks have been a bit chaotic with the review team over there they seem to reject for no apparent reason watch faces that have been already approved previously.

As I understand it, it is minimal effort to update an app on Play Store. However I don’t think any apps uploaded in the past few months have gone live because a glitch in their system.

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I don’t mind updating all the apps as long as they don’t reject the updates for silly reasons or for being lazy about. Last update was rejected for something like a bundle 3 and not displaying an analog and a digital clock screenshots for a watch face that was approved months ago.

Anyway i am getting a bit off-topic, Hopefully good things are around the corner otherwise bad luck for us.

Hello Shedio,

Today WFS new version has been released. The download link is here .
You can check your issue in the latest version.