BUG (WFS 1.0.3) - World clock - custom complications

I cant tell if this bug was prior to this new release but it’s causing some serious problems for watch face users.


  1. Add custom complication - SHORT_TEXT / LONG TEXT
  2. Test on watch
  3. Set world clock as complication
  4. Change complication to something else like steps etc.

BUG - new text value will change to previous source - eg. you will have title - STEPS, text - 15:18 (from previous world clock complication)

  1. set world clock complication - 1
  2. set other complication - barometer - 2
  3. wait few seconds (data refresh - one minute) - 3 - BUG (TEXT value shows time)

Other complication remain intacted. As soon as you pick world clock, complication will remain “bugged” (till watch restart / watch face switch / reinstall)

Can any of the developers try and confirm it? Does anyone have a similar experience?


Can you create a support request on this?
If you make the complication Fixed and not editable they should not be able to change the complication.

Samsung Developer Relations

Wil do that :slight_smile: