Should I redesign setting page icon?

I’m making a Galaxy Theme Portfolio.
I’m curious few things, so I asked this question.
It’s a question about the setting page(last page) of the six pages.
I wonder if I need to redesign icons such as Wi-Fi, display, and wallpaper ••• on the setting page.

And also one more question.
Do I have to change all the fonts? Can’t we just leave it as standard?

Just my opinion, however if you have to ask these questions, then I’d say you aren’t putting 200% into designing something that will stand out and show the reviewers that you seriously want to be accepted… I’d think you would go above and beyond to show the reviewers you have the talent :slight_smile: Good luck though, it’s worth the journey :smile:

Thought I’d add this link as you may not have seen it.

Oh​:relaxed: Thank you for your kindness! Really Thank you :blush:

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