Designing theme icons

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a theme to submit in the next application window, but I am confused by the rule saying that “all icons must be designed”. I understand that all application icons must have a unique design and maybe the icons from the settings menu for each setting category. Does it include the icons such as the weather icon, the search button in contacts, the 3 dots for options or the icon for the call in messages screen? How could that be redesigned apart from changing its color?

Any advice is welcome!

I changed everything, all hand drawn (including the search and dots, the back, home, etc etc). It was the area I was most worried about… go with your gut and what flows with your design. Possibly a late reply - curious to know if you submitting in the late October window, and if you did what were the results?
I did a Sloth Theme, so whatever I could make a leaf I did (small dots)… the others branch pieces.


Hi, yes, this is a bit late and my theme got rejected again. I didn’t get a detailed feedback so I’m not sure what exactly was wrong about it, but I assume I missed some elements to design. Better luck next time I guess! :slight_smile:

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