Editable icon list

Hi there
Is there a list of all the icons that we can modify/create/replace.
And one of those that we are not allowed to modify?

All the default samsung icons can be modified. I’m guessing you are putting together a portfolio to apply to be a theme seller?

Thank you for the answer
I would actually like it.
For the moment I started making icons for fun. Many ideas for several themes.
I use the obligations of the Samsung tutorials for the Psd of the icons.
And I also have the Psd with the 6 views. but I haven’t really explored it yet. just hovered over it, it seems very clear to me even if I already have a few questions in the future, how can we add an image over the icons (icon design tips add an image below, my wish would be to add one too above to finalize some ideas)

I read above that the samsung icons are all customizable, however, I read in an official tutorial that this was not the case. Smart Switch is not an option.
hence my question, so as not to have a refusal for a bad icon made…

Can we also customize icons for other applications than youtube and Facebook without the Icon Design Tips? or is it impossible for copyright reasons?
The goal is to have a perfect unity.

Is the portfolio compulsory?
what is the point, and what should we do / put in it?
Personally I have been graphing for years and I never had the need to create one, nor the desire.
And if it is mandatory, could you give me advice on this subject.

Thank you for being tolerant, I don’t speak English, I use google translate. Do not hesitate to ask to write differently if necessary.

It seems very useful
Hidden ads for your site? lol

My turn to help you here are some old personal useful creations here and here