Is it mandatory to change these icons? [portfolio]

Hi @r.liechty_SDP
I’ve been trying to be a theme developer for a while, now that I have a new opportunity I don’t want to miss it. Are these icons mandatory to change them? Why my own? Since UI themes don’t change these icons, just the colors, even when you apply some theme downloaded from Galaxy Themes.

Thank you

See this blog How to become a Themes Designer

In addition to the 6 screens, each mockup must include re-designs of the 8 app icons. Do not use the default Samsung app icons. Doing so will cause your application to be rejected.

I believe that the app icons are the ones on the Home Screen None of the required icons are in the Settings screen.

Samsung Developer Relations

all those icons you grabbed can’t be redesigned, except the < next to “Ava” and the navigation icons on the bottom: Recents, Home, and Back. you can only change their colors though

They aren’t interested in public forum feedback, only feedback from an official Samsung representative. I mean, what would we know ha ha.