Showing battery level with images?


Is it possible to display battery level with a graphic image - say 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%?

I can see it can be displayed with text or a progress bar, but not with an image.

I did think of creating a battery image with a hollow center and then using a progress bar placed inside it, but I also want it to change colour and cant see how do that.


Hello, yes you can insert images for each battery stage and make them appear/disappear using expressions with tag for placement or for opacity values or on condition line
Or you can also make multiple progress bars with different colour to appear/disappear same way.

Thanks Peter!

I had looked at the battery conditional line, but thought the slider across the top was what I needed to use - and sliding it just changed the battery level.

Clicking on the boxes next to the timeline didnt seem to do anything and right clicking only showed a greyed out ‘remove’ option.

It needed a double click which then put a box on the timeline, which I could then stretch out as needed.

Thanks again!

Yes, it is not described in documentation, how to use the lines. I guess its the android approach, you learn it by taping on everything to figure whether it works or just looks somehow.


The following link might help you understand the concept. It is for Galaxy Watch Studio and not Watch Face Studio, but the concepts are still the same and the functionality is still there. You will just need to translate to the different interface.

Building a Battery Progress Bar in Galaxy Watch Studio