Limit watch faces per week

How about limiting developers and designers to upload watch faces per week to the samug store?
Every day watch faces from the same designers come out, there are many that upload to the samsung app store and very simple.
This affects those of us who spend more time perfecting our watch faces.
The Samsung app store is getting worse and worse.
What is your opinion?

Hi Sergio,

I moved this to the Seller Portal forum. This subject comes up quite often and is a known issue with the seller portal. Recent steps have been taken to improve the professionalism of the Watch Face sellers.

Samsung Developer Program

It would be very nice to do something with the professionalism of some themes developers.
Otherwise, the store has become a trash heap (the buyer’s words).
Please tell me Ron, will anything be changed for the better? :flushed:

Hi Alex,

Make a suggestion in the Feature Request Vote that new contend from designers that the buyer is following is listed first in the New Tab That may help. It has an algorithm as to what is shown so it should be able to add that.

Samsung Developer Program

I will bring it up for discussion in our chat WatsApp

FYI, at least in the USA, there is NO New tab. There is a Hot & New tab, and whatever algorithm they use makes developers that spend a lot of time to create themes waste their time!

This US$2.50 theme is the first theme shown in my New & Hot list… New yes, hot, questionable. Less than 10 downloads. It would take me more time to create the store listing than to create this theme, and yet it is being pushed as the #1 theme in Hot & New. :face_with_monocle:

How can this be improved? Also, aren’t most of those icons from Samsung, I didn’t think we could use those icons?

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