Limit watch faces per week

How about limiting developers and designers to upload watch faces per week to the samug store?
Every day watch faces from the same designers come out, there are many that upload to the samsung app store and very simple.
This affects those of us who spend more time perfecting our watch faces.
The Samsung app store is getting worse and worse.
What is your opinion?


Hi Sergio,

I moved this to the Seller Portal forum. This subject comes up quite often and is a known issue with the seller portal. Recent steps have been taken to improve the professionalism of the Watch Face sellers.

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It would be very nice to do something with the professionalism of some themes developers.
Otherwise, the store has become a trash heap (the buyer’s words).
Please tell me Ron, will anything be changed for the better? :flushed:

Hi Alex,

Make a suggestion in the Feature Request Vote that new contend from designers that the buyer is following is listed first in the New Tab That may help. It has an algorithm as to what is shown so it should be able to add that.

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I will bring it up for discussion in our chat WatsApp

FYI, at least in the USA, there is NO New tab. There is a Hot & New tab, and whatever algorithm they use makes developers that spend a lot of time to create themes waste their time!

This US$2.50 theme is the first theme shown in my New & Hot list… New yes, hot, questionable. Less than 10 downloads. It would take me more time to create the store listing than to create this theme, and yet it is being pushed as the #1 theme in Hot & New. :face_with_monocle:

How can this be improved? Also, aren’t most of those icons from Samsung, I didn’t think we could use those icons?

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thanks for bringing up this problem.
There has to be something done about the amount of watch faces one can release per day/week.
Currently there is a particular seller who has tons of “halloween” watch faces which are being released over and over again. My question is, does samsung has to pay the testers for these watch faces?
I can see these type of developers are just flooding the new section. Not sure if these watch faces get any downloads but what its doing is preventing the buyers from seing other quality watch faces.
I believe it is not fair to have someone release more than 50 watch faces a day and get visibility whereas some other developers spend their time and effort and only release a handfull of faces each week…

Hello. In a day it is also 200 watch faces from one seller with the same theme. Indeed this system is not at all good for other developers . I am also in the interest of reducing the number of watch faces per seller. Thanks

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I am desperate with these people.
Truco o trato, Halloween, etc…
How am I going to get a watch face if with these people it is impossible for people to see my design.
Samsung has to limit this, and developers and designers not to come out with a quality watch face that fails the test.
This is intolerant.

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Hi, here Cristian Di Curzio from Croma Company. I agree with the fact of the incredible sum of similar watch faces that invades every day Samsung Store, but I am contrary to your proposal: I upload 3 watch faces per week and they are not quite simple to make. I always have almost 1 week of buffering so that I have the right quantity of time to develop good watch faces. The increase from 1 wf per week to 3 wf per week has also increased my revenue.

Really, there are some developers who just change the background image. Watch simple faces and presentation of them is just Print screen. They pollute the App store. Samsung should take action on that. Good developers who spend hours making a Watch face with style and good presentation lose space for those developers who in 30 minutes launch a Watch face.

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If anyone sees a watch face that is doing this post the watch face name here and I can check to be sure the vendor is using legal permissions.
These sellers do not have any real income and only hurt legitimate sellers.

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I am going to upload a watch face for the Gear S watch shortly.
It incorporates a stopwatch and compass.
This takes a lot of coding and design work.
I am going to leave a time to create watch faces on the other Samsung watches.
I’m not going to work hard with Tizen studio based on code and then design so that the clock face created is not seen by customers because it is app store saturated with simple spheres.
If Samsung does not take action with these types of people or limitations, in the end the developers will end up going to another platform.

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In the “new” section, it’s really hard to find a normal watch face and not the same pictures over and over again… :grin:’s it going to end? At this time around Halloween there is no point in issuing new watch faces. Just a job thrown away.

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Every day, always from the same developer. A lot of watch faces.
Does he not realize that it is not profitable! It is just a waste of time and pollutes the App store.


This particular seller still releasing this halloween/christmas watch faces, never ending and everyday the new section is being bombarded by these.
I have been doing watchfaces over 4 years now and only have around 60 watchfaces. Yet this seller probably releases more then 60 in a day or two…
Something surely needs to be done about this, its for everyones benefit including Samsung.


Sellers who change only the picture and give out this creation as a new dial are really annoying, I brought up this topic a year ago, there was no reaction from the Samsung! because even these dials someone buys! Samsung has money from it! it is not profitable for them to banish such sellers. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


I was just looking at this this morning. I cannot understand what is happening lately. At most I release about 3 faces a week, but normally about 1 - 2.

I spend a lot of time, take what customers want and improve and make sure I release content with lots of features and details.

Lately I look how things are going and it seems like a new face gets a few sales and disappears. It is really disheartening.


You are totally wrong on this, it cost Samsung much more to process these “spam” sellers than the amount of profit they ever make.

All the seller store can do is wait for them to make a mistake so it can close their account.

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in this case, he will simply register a new account :smiley: